By Sherrie Campbell
Psychologist, Author, Speaker

When you think of working hard for what you want, does that thought carry a deeply unexpressed negative vibe of dread, or are your thoughts of succeeding soaked in desire?

If you want to be successful you must dream, yearn, want and, most importantly, you must consistently be in pursuit. Success is not just about money; it is about grinding for what you want, it’s about having the heart to grab the dream you envision in your mind. Success will always bring unexpected challenges and obstacles. How willing are you to face and overcome these challenges? Who you are, standing face-to-face with obstacles, defines the depth of your character, and it’s your character that defines how successful you will or will not become.

1. Grit

The greatest successes are not always the most talented. So, who are they? They are the hard workers, the committed, the involved, the inspired and the vocal. Striving for success must come from your guts; from the pure desire to live your dream. Your desire to succeed must be so deep that you hold no other option in your mind as a viable choice. To be ranked amongst the elite, you have to make the decision to be the chooser of your own destiny. There is no reason you cannot reach and experience your highest potential. If you want to be successful, you have to dig deep, and refuse to get in the way of your own success. You must allow your hard work to dispel all self-doubt. When you feel “purposed” in this life you will be more than willing to wake up early, stay late, and pursue, pursue, pursue because you absolutely cannot imagine living your life in any other way than to live it doing what you love.

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