By Bill Lewis
Entrepreneur, technologist and workshop speaker.


Frightened of missing deadlines? Your plan is in shreds. Your entrepreneur’s reputation is at risk?

Have you ever had one of those days when you want to do anything – I mean anything – but the task in hand? Motivation for the next important task on your critical path has gone out of the window. I have had those days. I have been there. And I am sure others reading this have as well.

You are an Entrepreneur, you are the CEO of your business – you have a schedule, and you have a long list of tasks that are demanding. People clamor for your time. Customers and suppliers require your attention. You need space to think, and you are not getting it. You have written down your 100-day plan, and you know it contains some clear imperatives.

But, there is just something else that you want to do! Stress and task conflict have come to reside on your desk. When the going gets tough, your staff, your co-workers, your managers have someone to turn to, but not you. You are alone? And it is not the fun you expected start up life to be! Do you recognize the situation? Fear not, the answer is here.
Your Social Buddy is Going to be Remodeled! 

We know that accountability partners, (a team mate(s), or coaches) have been around in sport for decades, but I do think there is a spin on this concept that may help many Entrepreneurial CEOs. In the general case, the “everyday buddying up” to help someone meet their social and day-to-day targets and challenges – like weight loss, diet adjustment, jogging, or work out targets – brings your accountability partner, or buddy to your side. He/ she is a commonplace friend and they don’t need to be a technical and keyed up mentor to be your accountability partner. (I am leaving aside the very elite end of sport – that’s a different discussion). You just need a fellow cheerleader or maybe another one who struggles; together you make a team and there is strength and success in numbers. And you can make sure you keep your obligation to train together – you will feel guilty letting the other person down. You feel positive affirmation when your personal training buddy, your cheerleader urges you onwards to complete your required daily or weekly target. And the social dimension brings added enjoyment.

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