L.I.V.E. is The Dream Center’s new comprehensive actualization program. TDC kicked off the first session of its new incubator program for adult entrepreneurs and dreamers with a day-long retreat in September 2018. The participants, now known as Activators, engaged in a number of group activities to get them ready to launch!

Now a month into the program, the Activators have met with their mentors or Activator Advisors as well as taken an array of classes for business people — from establishing a business structure to self-care for entrepreneurs. They are also bonding and learning to both rely on one another as well as encourage each other. Three of the current cohort decided to make the peer-to-peer connection work for them.

“We met up because we all recognized the connections in our projects so we decided to become accountability partners. We met and discussed where we want to go with our projects, what we need to accomplish during the 90 days and then set a goal for the next week. We just want to start meeting so that we can continue after the program and really give each other support,” said Morgan, pictured above, top right with Alex, right and Ashley, left.

Pictured below is L.I.V.E. Cohort 1.


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