A highly effective and dynamic leader, Desiree’s ceaseless commitment to excellence is quietly but quickly elevating her as one of the most sought after leaders in the New York area. A life in leadership, however, was never her life design. Since the age of 15, her passion was for dance.

After graduating from CSU Northridge and only a year in New York City, she was offered a full scholarship at Union Theological Seminary and an internship at FCBC where she quickly began to excel, grow, and catalytically change the atmosphere of the environment.

Desiree continues to redefine convention, exploring innovative approaches to clergy, ministry, and women’s roles in the African American church structure. Under her leadership, The Dream Center has thrived, offering over 20 different free original programs for the Harlem community. Possibly Desiree’s magnum opus is the artistic direction of The Sanctuary at FCBC, an imaginative utilization of FCBC’s 1600-seat theatre space, bringing in real headliners and real dollars into the space so its vital community work can continue.

Though she doesn’t get as much time in her leotard as she’d like, Pastor Desiree still considers herself a dancer and choreographer, just on a much larger stage. She is constantly choreographing life, actively and dynamically moving people toward their dreams, freedom, truth, and their infinite possibilities.  She is the creator of the online platform She resides in The Bronx with her husband Tony and their beautiful identical twin daughters, Nyah (knee-yah) and Niaya (nigh-yah).



Alexis Henry is an all-around artistic type living in New York City. She has worked as a writer, editor, art director, fashion stylist and marketer. A cum laude graduate, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Howard University. A consummate professional and constant reinventor, Alexis is always excited to affiliate her skills with another career journey and opportunity. Alexis volunteered for several years at The Dream Center before joining the team in the Creative Innovation Designer role. She is the magic behind The Dream Center’s marketing, visuals and voice. Flexing the creative muscle to piece together the parts of a creative puzzle is her talent. A native of Jamaica, Queens, she now resides in Harlem, USA. In her free time when Alexis isn’t shopping for self, flipping through a fashion magazine or reading a novel she can be found on the dance floor.