Morgan Cuffie is a Harlemite by way of Baltimore, Maryland. A mom, an educator and a creative, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Hampton University and a Master’s in Education from The City College of New York. Throughout her 17-year teaching career she created innovative programs for teens reflecting both their passions and their needs such as I Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle editorial created by the students at The High School of Fashion Industries. She also served as lead teacher and consultant for a variety of school-based initiatives such as Race & Equity work through the Harvard R.I.D.E.S. program and leading the fashion production and public relations team for the school’s annual industry fashion show in 2017. An artist since birth, she finds joy in building performances that utilize all her passion and in February 2016 came back to the stage after many years by co-writing and co-starring in the play Untitled: A Black Love Experiment. Always allowing for her dreams to lead her, she is elated and honored to be the Executive Visionary of The Dream Center Harlem, the place where her own dreams were given fertile ground to flourish.



Alexis Henry is an all-around artistic type living in New York City. She has worked as a writer, editor, art director, fashion stylist and marketer. A cum laude graduate, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Howard University. A consummate professional and constant reinventor, Alexis is always excited to affiliate her skills with another career journey and opportunity. Alexis volunteered for several years at The Dream Center before joining the team in the Creative Innovation Designer role. She is the magic behind The Dream Center’s marketing, visuals and voice. Flexing the creative muscle to piece together the parts of a creative puzzle is her talent. A native of Jamaica, Queens, she now resides in Harlem, USA. In her free time when Alexis isn’t shopping for self, flipping through a fashion magazine or reading a novel she can be found on the dance floor.