TDC’s Most Comprehensive Actualization Program! Learn about L.I.V.E. direct from the Activators below.



L.I.V.E. empowers, pushes and provides resources to adult dreamers in the actualization of their dreams. Unlike other programs we’ve offered at The Dream Center, L.I.V.E. is an incubator and laboratory for a specially selected group of entrepreneurs and dreamers who apply for admission into the program. The participants, known as Activators share their experiences in the program below.



LIVE Cohort 2 Promo Video


LIVE_C1_LarnellV_blogpostMy project is called The Essence Project LLC. The Essence Projects tasks is empowering people to live from their highest and best self every day. Our services include: community building through brunches and networking events, personal and professional development through one-on-one and group coaching, and access to opportunity to live our purpose in the world through our talent recruitment services.

Since joining L.I.V.E. I have filed for LLC, created a business plan and secured funding for The Essence Project.

For so long, I wanted to create and build my own business but I created excuses for myself of why I couldn’t do it. Also I put up barriers for myself around time, finances and resources that disabled me in taking action. During one of the services at First Corinthian Baptist Church, I saw the advertisement for the L.I.V.E. program and I knew I had to apply and start living out my goals and dreams today. It has been life changing because I know the work that I am doing now will continue to move forward because of the L.I.V.E. program. I hope to continue to grow my business after the L.I.V.E. program and give back to the program by supporting other future participants.

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BETTY DAVIS (Cohort 1): AS LONG AS I’M AL.I.V.E.LIVE_C1_BettyD_blogpost
I’m Betty Davis and, at the ripe young age of 78 years, I decided to ‘lean in’ and start a business: BADDesignsNYC.  I have been doing various types of needlework for more than
 50 years but never felt confident enough to market my work. I’ve given it away but there is no risk in that.
As long as I’m alive, I will continue to learn and grow. I will be selling one-of-a-kind garments and accessories, for personal and home use, online. My goal for this 90-day program is to establish an e-Commerce platform and have products ready for sale.  This will be the homerun, the completed “Hail Mary” pass. For someone who is rarely on social media, this is a daunting, brave new world for me but with the encouragement of the leaders, my fellow cohort members, the Advisors, and presenters, I’m on my way.
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I am Alex P. Davis, the creator of Good Mom Bad Wife, and here’s a snippet of my journey thus far.

Good Mom Bad Wife is a vlog highlighting the challenges and frustrations of being a new mother and a wife in a humorous way. After having my baby seven months ago I searched for someone, ANYONE who could relate to the feelings of inadequacy I was having as a spouse and of course #BLACKLOVE #DATSMYBABYZADDY #WEGOODOVERHERE #MYFAMILYHASITTOGETHERANDYOURSDOESNOT kept hitting my timeline feed. And with that, Good Mom Bad Wife was born.

Honestly, without the L.I.V.E. program, the vlog would still be a nice day dream in the back of my mind or perhaps still just a page in my journal. However, with this program each week it’s becoming more of reality because of my peers, my Activation Advisor/mentor, the instructors and the new spark of determination that I have for myself.

My Activation Advisor is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met. There are no limits to her possibilities and she shares that energy and vision with me. Ideas that I AlexParker_Blog3_LIVE_Cohort1.jpgperceived as too “far fetched” have turned into actualizations because of her feedback. I knew that I needed some type of accountability and guidance, which is why I chose to apply for the L.I.V.E. program and it has exceeded my expectations.

We were given a book to read “Choose Yourself,” and growing up in the south that theory is rude. But it’s not. The people who are reaching their dreams and goals and paying salaries have chosen themselves in order to help others. Most of my frustration, even with the vlog is because I’m not putting myself first. My aha moment came in a class about prioritizing your time and I literally had a mini-meltdown. Our instructor helped me realize that I was shutting out my own voice, worried about being “rude,” and pleasing others. I was continually putting others first, especially my family, but forgetting about myself. Having the discipline to choose myself and my business is the key to being the best version of Alex for my family. Every day is not rainbows and butterflies but it is an opportunity to learn and press forward to the reveal of Good Mom Bad Wife. I look forward to my website, first videos and comments, yes comments — positive and less positive. Regardless, all things continue to work together for my good.

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LIVE_Cohort1_Ashley_ForBlogMy name is Ashley Hunter and I am one of the board members and instructors for exPOLEration. exPOLEration is a nonprofit organization that provides pole fitness classes to women in shelters to give them an opportunity to work out, have some “me time” and be challenged both mentally and physically, while they are rebuilding their lives after a traumatic experience.

I’m been volunteering at a shelter in Harlem for the past three years. I applied to the L.I.V.E. program because I didn’t know where to start or possess the confidence in developing a nonprofit from the work I’ve been doing as a volunteer. Among my goals for the end of L.I.V.E. was to have a name for the business, which I’ve accomplished —  yay! I also want to incorporate the business, establish a defined mission and vision statement, write the bylaws, and develop a way to track the progress of the women who take the classes.

I think I have three big challenges: one is I often am overthinking the process; second, I am putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect and; third is my struggle in developing self-discipline to function without someone looking over me. My Activation Advisor is helping me stay in the moment and focus on doing what I can each day. Half way through this program my “aha” moment was putting a name to this project. The name exPOLEration gives my idea life, a life that’s going to take time and effort to grow and bloom.

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L.I.V.E. is The Dream Center’s new comprehensive actualization program. TDC kicked off the first session of its new incubator program for adult entrepreneurs and dreamers with a day-long retreat in September 2018. The participants, now known as Activators, engaged in a number of group activities to get them ready to launch!

Now a month into the program, the Activators have met with their mentors or Activator Advisors as well as taken an array of classes for business people — from establishing a business structure to self-care for entrepreneurs. They are also bonding and learning to both rely on one another as well as encourage each other. Three of the current cohort decided to make the peer-to-peer connection work for them.

“We met up because we all recognized the connections in our projects so we decided to become accountability partners. We met and discussed where we want to go with our projects, what we need to accomplish during the 90 days and then set a goal for the next week. We just want to start meeting so that we can continue after the program and really give each other support,” said Morgan, pictured above, top right with Alex, right and Ashley, left.

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